Home of Technologies launches ‘Hotbox’ – The One Box That Controls All Your Heating and Cooling.

After years of careful development and planning, Home of Technologies has launched a new product to the UK market – Hotbox. It controls all the heating and cooling in a property with just one central box.

What are the benefits?

  • INTEGRATION – HOTBOX natively integrates with KNX and other BMS systems.
  • CONTROL – Control all heating and cooling in one place – from underfloor to standard.
  • SELF COMMISSIONING – No lengthy or complicated commissioning process.
  • EASE OF USE – Any electrician can install the system. Easy configuring for integrators.
  • USER FRIENDLINESS – Standalone system app control. Can be configured and maintained with ease.

Since there are many ways to install and implement heating and cooling solutions to a property, Hotbox system comes in three versions to suit everyone’s needs.

Hotbox Classic

Hotbox Classic DevicesRoom-by-room, wired temperature control system

The HOTBOX Classic is a new room-by-room, wired temperature control system in a modern design. All components are made in this traditionally wired room-by-room temperature control unit can be used independently or as part of a system. The control types and basic designs can be combined into one room-by-room temperature control system. The result is a response to simple as well as complex requirements for heating and cooling applications that tick all the boxes.

Coordinated in a consistent design with the wireless/bus solution of HOTBOX’s AIR System, the HOTBOX Classic gives you a comprehensive, ideal product range for all your heating and cooling needs.

 Hotbox IP

Hotbox IPStandalone home automation system for end-users 

The intelligent HOTBOX IP home automation system brings the future to your own four walls, making homes more comfortable, more secure and more energy efficient.

The HOTBOX IP system is child’s play to install and intuitive to operate, but its modular, open approach is its most impressive feature. The system is compatible with the Homematic IP protocol, the leading communications standard in the Smart Home segment. This protocol guarantees compatibility with an extensive system of components for the Internet of Things.

If you’re changing heating times or quickly checking everything’s alright at home – the user-friendly app allows convenient access from anywhere.

 Hotbox AIR

Hotbox AIRIntegrate your existing automation system with the best of HOTBOX

The HOTBOX AIR is a new, universal room-by-room temperature control system with complete equipment for heating and cooling applications. Already in its basic design, the system available as wireless or bus solution fulfils all requirements to perfect user comfort. Numerous inputs and outputs as well as measuring, control and regulation functions ensure optimum, energy-efficient interaction with external devices and installations.

The principal area of application of the system is intended for detached and multi-family houses, functional and administrative buildings, as well as for hotel and school buildings with central management requirements. The extension of the HOTBOX AIR by new modules ensures a continuously growing extent of functions, also for future areas of application.


To order and find out more about the Hotbox solution call us on +44 (0)207 9988252 or send us an email to


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