Future of Home Automation in the UK

Future of Home Automation in the UK

What is the future of home automation? Homes that change shape as you walk through them, where your living room can immediately change from that of a suburban lounge and into a tropical rainforest? A home where you wake up in the morning already dressed?

Ok, so these things are a little bit too far in the future, but right now there is a lot of exciting changes taking place in the home automation industry. Changes which are starting to address some of the problems which users have faced in the past.

A recent report issued by AMA Research has managed to identify a few of the things we can expect to see coming to Home Automation in the next few years. Here’s what we’ve taken from their recent report.

Environment comes to the forefront

In a time where the environment seems to be the enemy of some of the world’s larger governments, home automation buyers in the UK have decided that it’s of the utmost importance. This might be because saving the environment also means trimming as much off of your utility bill as possible.

New monitoring systems will allow the future of home automation to not only check temperature systems, but levels of humidity, the quality of air, and heat loss. Smart monitoring will allow for the system to change itself automatically based on efficiency scales which are pre-set. You’ll never suffer from it being too hot or too cold again, and your bill will be much lower than when you used to have to press the on/off switch.

Apps have their time to shine

In the age of the smartphone, we’re living in a world where they seem to be involved in almost every facet of our lives. From checking the news to measuring your fitness levels, they’re no longer just for phoning your mum and dad, or the kids. It’s no different when it comes to home automation.

Competitors Google, Amazon, and Apple have been working on integrating their home automation systems with phone apps for some time. Google is said to have done it quite well, in fact. Yet as the future of home automation comes into view, we’re going to start seeing a lot more emphasis on the ability for smartphones to plug into your home’s system. Because of this…

Wireless gets a little bigger

Wireless is already a big thing, but it’s about to get bigger. As said, the future of home automation systems is increasingly finding itself linked to smartphone apps and programs. The most efficient way to access these things is through wireless; the old (read: new) Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi technology is constantly being worked on, and stronger signals with a longer range are becoming bigger and better. Soon, the days of that pesky room at the back of the house which doesn’t get any signal will be gone. Replaced by another Wi-Fi haven to control your home from.

Secure like never before

Security is also getting a look in. Probably in part because it has proven to be so successful in the past. Access to cameras will be possible from phone apps and internet browsers. Security protocols will be updated, ensuring that your home automation system won’t get hacked. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that your home is watching over you.

A safe, happy, and secure future

The future of home automation in the UK is, in large part, influenced by the needs and wants of the users. The need for security and safety is at an all-time high and you can see the influence it’s having on the industry. For those in the UK, it looks like we’re in store for a safe, happy, and secure future of home automation.


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