Divus releases the new Touchzone on Table Console

DIVUS TOUCHZONE combines smart phone apps with building industry‘s safety features.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE is an innovative building touchpanel for wall installations. ON TABLE CONSOLE is a great combination with the 7“ multi-touch screen you can use on your desk, counter or at the reception area. It sports handy controls for room functions, music, door entry systems and much more.

The ON TABLE CONSOLE is an excellent companion in the office, living environment, meeting rooms or even the doctor‘s office. The relatively small 7“ device is compact enough to not take too much space, but large and comfortable enough for using all important functions with ease and delight.

Have you installed a KNX system and want to improve it‘s capabilities and control with no hassle? Then combination of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE, ON TABLE CONSOLE and DIVUS KNX SERVER is an excellent choice. You just need to plug in the network cable and configure the visualization server to get started.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE is using Android operating system which means you have access to millions of available applications. You can quickly check traffic, weather, cooking recipes or set alarms with ease. In the sleep mode the display can be configured to show you the latest family and holiday pictures.


  • Easy setup. No drilling, plastering or painting needed.
  • Easy installation. Plug and play network cable.
  • DIVUS TOUCHZONE visualizes the visualization apps in any KNX installation.
  • Compatible building control with DIVUS, JUNG, GIRA, HAGER, Berker and many more.
  • Door communication with DIVUS VIDEOPHONE for DIVUS, SIEDLE, JUNG, ELCOM, Ritto, KOCH, Mobotix and SIP compatible systems.
  • Talk, call or video chat with each other from room to room.
  • Enjoy the music in every room! Music control with SONOS, BOSE, Revox, Crestron, AMX.
  • Secure communications through out the network.
  • Excellent technology in elegant design: integrated and unobtrusive.
  • Design that fits in any environment. Wood variants, walnut, maple, oak or glossy/matt lacquered black or white – something for every taste!


  • Conference room: Control room functions (light, blinds, air conditioning), media control (projector, video, conference system), call system (door intercom and room to room communication).
  • Apartments and houses: Looks great and fits on desks, shelfs, bedsides or almost any other flat surface without taking too much space.
  • Job desk: Touch panel for controlling room functions, paging system, door intercom and indoor system.
  • Reception: Keep everything under control at the doctor‘s office, dentist, pharmacy, office, hospital and laboratory.

Download Touchzone on Table Console Brochure

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