Divus releases the new Touchzone on Table Console

DIVUS TOUCHZONE combines smart phone apps with building industry‘s safety features.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE is an innovative building touchpanel for wall installations. ON TABLE CONSOLE is a great combination with the 7“ multi-touch screen you can use on your desk, counter or at the reception area. It sports handy controls for room functions, music, door entry systems and much more.

The ON TABLE CONSOLE is an excellent companion in the office, living environment, meeting rooms or even the doctor‘s office. The relatively small 7“ device is compact enough to not take too much space, but large and comfortable enough for using all important functions with ease and delight.

Have you installed a KNX system and want to improve it‘s capabilities and control with no hassle? Then combination of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE, ON TABLE CONSOLE and DIVUS KNX SERVER is an excellent choice. You just need to plug in the network cable and configure the visualization server to get started.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE is using Android operating system which means you have access to millions of available applications. You can quickly check traffic, weather, cooking recipes or set alarms with ease. In the sleep mode the display can be configured to show you the latest family and holiday pictures.

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Thank you for visiting our ‘Lifestyle Solutions’ stands

Last week was one of the busiest and most exciting weeks in our company’s history. We presented 2 stands in 2 trade shows during one week. It was a bit of a challenge for us at first, but we managed to pull it off with great success judging by your wonderful responses.

At our stands we met many interesting people during both exhibitions – from amazing architects and consultants to contractors and lovely people renovating their own homes. We wish to thank you for visiting our stands, but in case you didn’t you can read below a small recap from each of the shows we exhibited.

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Visit our Lifestyle Solutions stands at upcoming exhibitions and receive a 25% discount!

September has kicked off and everyone is returning from their holidays. We don’t stand still as we are preparing for 3 exhibitions within 3 weeks starting at 100% Design, Olympia London (23.09-26.09), following by Homebuilding & Renovating Show at ExCeL London (25.09-27.09) and finishing off at NEC Birmingham at Smart Buildings 2015 (06.10-08.10) which is part of the UK Construction Week.

Our stand theme this year is ‘Lifestyle Solutions’ – it will show how building automation can positively affect peoples lifestyle and daily life. On mineral stucco walls we will present various fully programmable switches from 4 exclusive European manufacturers: CJC Systems, Tense, Divus and Eelectron.

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Home of Technologies joins CEDIA association

CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is the international trade organisation for the home technology industry with over 3,500 member companies worldwide. Built upon a strong volunteer foundation, CEDIA provides access to industry-leading education, certification, research and raises consumer awareness.

We are proud to become members of the CEDIA association that brings us not only a great endorsement, but also access to various membership programs, certifications, events and training. At the end it’s our customer who will benefit most because we will be able to provide even better up-to-date service and fine tune your project with utmost confidence and flexibility if needed.

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Home of Technologies Ambient Assisted Living solution

What is Ambient Assisted Living?

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is one of the major emerging technology markets of the moment, offering the potential to enable and empower citizens in their daily lives using state-of-the-art technologies. Known as ‘assistive technologies’ in some areas, AAL facilitates everyday activities for people who require care and support, augmenting their quality of life and assisting their independence.

Home of Technologies Ambient Assisted Living solution

Home of Technologies has developed a solution for a customer with disabilities and her carer/relative. Person living at home can control their lights, heating and blinds with one remote from everywhere in the house. The said remote also has an emergency button in case a day comes when urgent help is needed. When the button is pressed it automaticly sends a message to predefined numbers or devices notifying that attention is required. In addition to the emergency button there are also motion sensors installed in the house and the carer/relative can monitor if their cared one is active and healthy. Necessary action can be taken if no activity is detected in the house for prolonged periods of time. It can be a lifesaving solution for the people you care about.


Order or find out more about the components featured in this solution at our online shop

 IO MODULE - eelectron IO32D01KNX
THERMOSTAT - eelectron Synchronicity
REMOTE CONTROL -  eelectron RC80A01IRC
IR RECEIVER - eelectron IR00A01ACC
POWER SUPPLY - eelectron PS00B03KNX
DIMMER 3CH - eelectron DM03B02KNX
IP GATEWAY - eelectron IN00A02IPI





Home Automation Low in the UK But Set to Grow Extensively

Home and Building Automation Company Home of Technologies is Poised for Growth in the UK Market

London, United Kingdom, 29/07/2015: The home automation sector in the United Kingdom is set to grow in spite of the fact that it is seen as one in its infancy stage at the moment when compared to the rest of the developed European countries like Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands or the United States.

Home automation is popular in small households as well as large corporate buildings in many European countries. But the United Kingdom has been quite slow in adopting the new automation technologies and standards. However, there are quite a number of companies, such as the Home of Technologies, that are emerging and moving home automation in the UK to a whole new level. These companies are making use of the UK’s growth potential in this industry and developing technologies that are readily available to end-users. They are also entering into contracts with distributors from Europe in a bid to provide services that literally stand out.

The government is, on the other hand, recognizing the many benefits of home automation and, as a result, it is requiring energy companies to set up 53 million gas and electricity meters in 30 million domestic and smaller non-domestic properties.

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, many households will have smart meters installed between 2015 and 2020. But the households and companies that have their buildings already automated are already ahead of this and are enjoying the lots of benefits that come with home automation. On the same note, Francis Kolms, marketing director at Home of Technologies, said: “Apart from the convenience of controlling and monitoring all lighting, heating and security from one device, home automation also brings huge savings in energy, hence reducing the costs significantly over medium to long term.”

Home of Technologies, a company that majorly deals with KNX home automation product distribution, supporting and providing solutions for installers, developers, architects and stakeholders in this industry, is set to exhibit in four forthcoming trade shows including 100% Design in Olympia, London, UK Construction Week and Homebuild and Renovating shows.

CJC Systems switches

 Control everything in the building with these fully programmable siwthces


CJC Systems offers 5 beautiful collections on low voltage. The all are fully customisable and available in vast range of finishes. These collections of switches can be used with impulse relays or with different brands of home automation systems. Every collection, with the exception of ZITA collection is available with or without LEDs. The LEDs have different purposes: A red led gives orientation to where the switch is located and the yellow and white LEDs give feedback from the lighting circuit (i.e. when the light is on, the led is on). Every collection is available in 12 different finishings and can be mounted in universal built-in boxes and in BTicino built-in boxes.

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Home of Technologies solution

Control everything in a single room with one switch


We have drawn a solution for controlling everything in a single room with just one switch. Eelectron’s exclusive eelecta switch range offers exactly that – it’s very functional as well as fantastic looking. The pad itself can be fully customised. Our solution makes the installation for small properties simple and drives down the cost for the end-user.


Home of Technologies solution


DIVUS TOUCHZONE receives the prestigious ‘Plus X Award’

We are proud of our exclusive brand DIVUS to receive the prestigious PLUS X AWARD for the “Best product of the year”. The jury is consists of international and independent panel of judges from 25 industries and 22 competent partners. The Plus X Award is the world´s largest competition for technology, sports and lifestyle. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems.

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