Meet us at Light + Build 2018, Frankfurt

Are you visiting Light + Building, one of the world’s largest Lighting and design trade shows in the world?

From 18 – 23 March, companies from around the world share their products and innovations at Light + Building, giving us a taste of what is in store for the rest of the year. For home automation, this includes seeing where technology is going to take us this year, and what the newest trends are going to be.

We welcome you to meet us in person and discuss projects, technology or just the latest trends in the lighting and building services technology world.

Our representatives will be at the KNX City – The IoT City at Galleria and at our core brand booth halls.


Our core brands:
Tense 9.0 C52 | Divus 11.1 C21 | Eelectron 11.1 C32 | CJC Systems 11.1 D07 | Arcus-eds 9.0 C65 | Intesis 9.1 A91, 9.1 D66, 8.0 F98 | Lingg & Janke 8.0 E49 | NETx Automation 9.1 B40, Galleria.1 B21 | Weinzierl 9.1 A90 | iPas 9.0 B75 | Iddero 9.1 A31

To ensure we can spend quality time with you, please book a meeting with us beforehand by sending us an email to

You can read more about Light + Building 2018 here.

We hope to see you there!

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