Home Automation Trends 2018

Home Automation Trends for 2018

The Home Automation market is expected to reach over 79 billion dollars (£58.5b) by 2022. That’s because more and more homes are starting to adopt home automation technology as prices decrease and the technology improves.

2018 is yet another year where the technology is expected to not only improve but become more easily accessible for everyone. From helping to ensure that your home is stocked up with essentials to being able to keep an eye on your pets, here are the likely home automation trends for 2018.

Automated Shopping

Already popular across the pond with Amazon’s Alexa, it’s looking like automated shopping is going to increase in popularity for home automation in 2018. Amazon Dash, whilst still young, is starting to be accepted into more and more homes. As small devices which just need to be pressed once in order to order new things for your home automatically, they make staying on top of keeping a stock of essentials more convenient than ever.

Also finding they’re feet are home automation fridges, which are able to detect what you actually have inside of them and order when you get too low or empty.

Look Out for Cameras

Security has always been a staple of the home automation market. Cameras are a huge part of that. However, as home automation has made its way into more and more home, uptake of security features has been a little slower. Home Automation in 2018 looks set to reverse this trend with security becoming cheaper to implement and even easier to use.

Moreover, cameras won’t just be used for security. Increasingly, smart home owners are investing in cameras to monitor their pets whilst they’re out of the house. Motion sensing devices which activate when your pet moves in front of them can help you to soothe nervous pets, or just make sure your German Shepard hasn’t destroyed the sitting room.

Multi-Room Music

Multi-Room music has been going for a while now, but it’s going to become even more popular in 2018. This means that different rooms can play different music depending on the user’s needs. Users are also able to run music profiles and attach them to different rooms and sound systems or adopt a single profile which moves through the house as you do. That means that you won’t have to keep turning on your music in different rooms as you walk.

Fitness Monitoring

Fitness is incredibly important and with devices such as the Fitbit, it’s now becoming easier and easier to hook that monitoring system up to your home automation system for advanced diagnostics and co-ordination of different fitness tools.

That might include the use of a set of scales, a pulse rate measuring device, and even a treadmill. You can take all that data and coordinate it to create an even better report on your health and progress.

Home Automation in 2018

Whilst the market will generally stay the same, improvements will see the technology’s uptake increase as more and more homes start to integrate home automation into their everyday activities. Not only that, but in our opinion home automation will continue to become more popular, edging ever close towards that goal of being in every home and under every roof.

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