DIVUS TOUCHZONE receives the prestigious ‘Plus X Award’

We are proud of our exclusive brand DIVUS to receive the prestigious PLUS X AWARD for the “Best product of the year”. The jury is consists of international and independent panel of judges from 25 industries and 22 competent partners. The Plus X Award is the world´s largest competition for technology, sports and lifestyle. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems.


The DIVUS TOUCHZONE combines the functions of a smartphone with building security functions. It is the product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!

DIVUS TOUCHZONE can be designed individually, where all your ideas and visions can be implemented with Android system. All system integrators and building users want a solution that allows free and individual scaling and definition of control elements on a touch screen. Thanks to the multi-touch display, labels, texts, and icons can be displayed in a size that enables even children and the elderly to read and understand the display and use it in a sure-footed manner. A room control device needs to allow for simple and trouble-free installation and operation. The DIVUS TOUCHZONE is powered by the building network via PoE (power over ethernet), or via a 12 to 32 volt DC power supply, which is also compatible with the electrical systems in event trucks, mobile homes, ships and yachts. Communication with the KNX bus is enabled via network and a KNX gateway. The LAN interface serves as the data interface for multiroom, internet and other controller uses. Two USB ports and four digital input and output ports are available on the rear of the device for specific data and signal communication. Behind the decorative covering on the front of the device is an additional USB port for data communication (in accordance with USB OTG specifications), as well as a microphone and speaker with echo cancelling for intercom. The system memory can be enlarged via a micro SD card. Display brightness is controlled by a intelligent regulation, such that the display remains readable at all times and shuts off when not in use.


If you are interested in purchasing DIVUS TOUCHTONE or just want to find out more information then please feel free to call us on 0207 9988 252 or email office@homeoftechnologies.com.

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