CJC Systems switches

 Control everything in the building with these fully programmable siwthces


CJC Systems offers 5 beautiful collections on low voltage. The all are fully customisable and available in vast range of finishes. These collections of switches can be used with impulse relays or with different brands of home automation systems. Every collection, with the exception of ZITA collection is available with or without LEDs. The LEDs have different purposes: A red led gives orientation to where the switch is located and the yellow and white LEDs give feedback from the lighting circuit (i.e. when the light is on, the led is on). Every collection is available in 12 different finishings and can be mounted in universal built-in boxes and in BTicino built-in boxes.

KNX Compatibility
Every low-voltage collection is available in a direct compatible KNX version. No interface is needed. Just plug in the bus-cable and start programming the project.


  • Flexible throughout the years
  • Specially developed boards for KNX
  • Easy wiring = easy installation = less installation costs

Technical data

  • Current consumption:
    4 buttons, all LEDs 100% = 10mA (29V)
    4 buttons, all LEDs 10% = 4mA (29V)
  • Connection: std WAGO KNX connector
  • Operating temp. -5C … 45C
  • KNX programming button and LED on front and rear side
  • Max. group addresses: 86
  • Max. associations: 86
  • Number of comm. objects: 71
  • Application download time: approx. 30 sec.


  • Night & Day LED-indicators brightness adaptability
  • Pressing button, 1 object: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values, 2Byte values, 4Byte values
  • Pressing button, 3 objects: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values
  • Pressing and releasing button, 2 objects: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values, 2Byte values
  • Short and long keystroke, 2 objects: ON, OFF, TOGGLE, 1Byte values, 2Byte values
  • Dimming and Blind/Shutter processing
  • Scenarios run and save ability
  • LED Staircase function, on/off delay, scenarios attribution
  • Basic logical functions (AND, OR, XOR, NOT) based on 2 entries
  • RGB lights programming functionality
  • Blinking of LEDs
  • Optional: Integrated Temperature and Humidity sensor


Takes you to our online shop www.knxshoponline.co.uk


Home of Technologies is the exclusive distributor of CJC Systems switches in the UK.

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