How Building Automation Can Help Your Office Become More Efficient

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency in the office. Automation might just be the answer, yet too often is it overlooked. This might be because office automation is usually considered as just turning the lights on or off, or changing the temperature. Yet as you’ll see below, it can so much more than that. Sure, using workers to complete tasks, like changing the temperature or securing the office in the evening, may seem like It doesn’t make much of a difference, yet small things add up.

Continue reading to see how office automation can help your business become more efficient.

Save time and money

A more efficient business saves more money. Money which can be invested into other areas, allowing you to make more. Automation ensures that activities which would normally be carried about by human workers can be completed without incident or mistakes. Not just lighting and temperature control. Processes which were previously long and complicated can now be streamlined and completed automatically, without the need for additional staff.

Reduce energy use

Whilst cutting energy use at home may not make that much of a difference to your monthly electrical bill, in a busy office is can mean a lot. For example, lighting can be adjusted so that it changes in relation to ambient light from outside, allowing for one of several different levels, instead of just on or off. Additionally, automatic scheduling can allow for temperature adjustment depending on the season.

Reducing energy consumption through office automation means you’re not wasting money on something which can be avoided. That money can then be invested in something which helps your business to grow.

Gather useful data

Data is valuable for any business and knowing how your office works can make a huge difference in determining what choices you make. You’ll be able to maximise on efficiency by knowing how often lights and other facilities are used. By knowing this, you can change office habits which dampen efficiency. One business, Kohl’s (, maximises on efficiency through long-term data tracking and centralised collection. The data they collect allows for them to be alerted if something can be changed to save energy and money. You can also use this data to help other businesses and organisations, allowing you to become a thought leader within your field. This, in turn, will place your business in a position of respect and authority.

Keep the office Secure

Security now means more than just locking your doors. Office security automation means that you can make sure the office is secure and check on it whilst you’re not there. Automation systems, including CCTV, can be accessed through the internet whilst you’re at home. Moreover, if something happens – like a door is opened in the middle of the night, or there is a fire – you’ll be alerted straight away on an internet accessible device.

Make your employees happy

Automating processes have a hidden perk, and that’s making your employees happier. By adjusting temperatures automatically, a comfortable and moderate atmosphere will be provided, one which doesn’t get too hot or cold before someone has to turn the air conditioner on. Moreover, office temperature can be changed before employees even arrive in the morning, allow them to step into a comfortable office, ready to work.

Building automation is a key tool in ensuring maximum office efficiency. Make sure to consider it as the next step for your business.

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