Home of Technologies is based in London, United Kingdom. Its primary area of activity is value added distribution of electrical and engineering components with a focus on building and home automation – KNX and PLC solutions.

Today, automation is becoming standard in many households as it offers huge energy and time savings. It becoming more and more affordable because of the innovative solutions, ease of use and savings in energy bills. It also adds security and peace of mind that your house will be warm when you come home and the alarm will be working.

We offer everything for home automation: from design, to training, to supplies, to project support and case studies - you can trust our experienced professionals who have many years of experience in home automation.  At Home of Technologies you will obtain a solution tailored to your specific project and we have proven record of creating tenders using Plc solutions for KNX applications where we have reduced the costs of projects from 35-55%.




Company Director

Rafal is the director and founder of Home of Technologies. He is KNX and PLC solutions expert and head teacher at our training centre. His main focus is to drive customer success and business strategy at the company. 

 +44 (0) 20 7998 8252 ext. 4



Marketing Director

Francis is the head of the marketing strategy and all product and service campaigns. If you have any enquiries about advertising, trade shows, latest brochures or anything else marketing related than he is your man to contact.

 +44 (0) 20 7998 8252 ext. 2



Technical Manager

Patryk is a true KNX expert and is available to help if you need technical support. He is also managing the sales of our products and ensures that everything gets delivered on time and in pristine condition. 

 +44 (0) 20 7998 8252 ext. 1



Technical Support

Dany is our super cool intern from France. He is very fast and proficient in KNX system and learns new things faster than anyone else. 

 +44 (0) 20 7998 8252 ext. 1